A Music Business Plan is Indeed in Need!

A Music Business Plan is Indeed in Need![EXTRACT]
So you’ve got the guys or gals together and you’re starting the next best music thing since the The Beatles. You’re guitarist is slamming riffs down like Fat Albert at an all you can eat breakfast buffet, your bass player is shaking your mom’s windows to the core, your drummer is ripping out Neil Peart drumrolls and your vocalist can break glass with her pipes. What’s next? How do you go about getting out of your mom’s basement or garage and into the real world of fame and fortune that’s been waiting for you…The reality is that for many of you the road to good paying gigs and a handful of fans won’t come easy and it won’t be quick.You’re going to have to put some work into this music business thing and shed some blood sweat and tears to make it happen. But hey, you’re ready for that aren’t you? I mean that’s why you’ve spent all these years practicing your scales and drum solos for hours on end, right?Good. I’m glad to see that you’re feet are on the ground and that you’re not sending your band out into the world with some pie in the sky idea that this music business gig is going to be a breeze… That you’re going to play your tracks out in the streets and be discovered overnight. That’s not you right? Because if it is… this is probably not the right article for you.Where Do You Begin?You know that to make it in the music business you’ll need to be a business savvy marketing machine and take the time to learn the ins and outs of marketing your product (yes your music is a product). Expose it to the masses!

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Of course you’re so ahead of the game that you also know that the masses we speak of are way too big a target for you and your music. In fact… you’re so ahead of the game that you know that you’ve got to start right in your own home town. Right? Excellent!Now, before you start breaking down walls in your mom’s house to set up the band’s office, you’ve got to sit down with all members of your band and really evaluate what it is you all want to achieve.Are expectations totally in line with the band as a whole? If they aren’t, it’s best to find this out before you go out and make yourselves known. There’s nothing worse than beginning a marketing and exposure campaign only to find out that your bass player isn’t really into it. Come to an understanding of exactly where it is you all expect to be in this music business within the next 2 to 3 years and get off your trombones and start the process of making it happen.Remember, all successful endeavours start with a plan. Yeah sure Duss! You say we need a plan but how do I go about making one? Good question.You Need A Music Business Plan My FriendYour music business plan can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. In general, the best music business plans are ones that are well researched and have been thought through and through before implementation. So doing your homework is a must. Absolutely necessary.Once you’ve made it this far and you’ve determined what your bands’ ultimate goals are, it’s time to go through the process of researching what’s needed to begin to make them happen. Take it one step at a time and complete each goal one by one like walking on stepping stones to cross the stream. Perform each task you’ve planned to complete in order and you’ll slowly find that your building blocks (remember how fun Lego was when you were a kid?) will naturally take you to the completion of your ultimate goal. Music business success!Now I realize that some of the musicians in the world really have no head for the music business and if this is you, you’ve got to get your head out of the ground. There’s no room for ostrich style musicians here in the world of independent music. They really do get left in the dust. You NEED to do everything to you can to market your music to your fans. Believe me they want to be sold to. They already love your shows and your music so why not learn a little bit about how to properly get it in their hands. You just might make a little money to be able to do it again and again and… well you get the point.

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If you’re a musician and you’re not doing everything you can to learn more about your business believe me your neighbor is and his band is the one getting the gigs that you can’t or worse yet, don’t even try to get. You don’t want to be left behind so hop to it. No time for excuses…This Is The Real WorldI’ve really got to tell it like it is my music friends. The music industry is a tough business and if you don’t have the drive and the determination to learn, learn and learn some more about how to run your band like a business… you can bet your bottom dollar that the ever elusive mountain of success will keep rising and rising as it moves ever so slowly away from you and your lazy self. Yes. Lazy!You’re here in Barrie, Ontario. One of the best places north of the big smoke to be involved in music and believe me this is not a take me by the hand and fill my eyes with lights and glam music business talk I’m offering you my friend.I’m here to provide you with the real. The music business is hard. Really, really hard and only those with backbones of steel and the determination of a bull will find success. Even with all that there’s no real guarantee you’ll achieve all of your goals. The good news is that you CAN find SOME amount of success. You just need to start with a plan.

Newbies Guide To Blogging For Success – Blogging and Promoting Your Online Business Is Easy!

Newbies Guide To Blogging For Success – Blogging and Promoting Your Online Business Is Easy![EXTRACT]
Newbies Guide To Blogging For Success Makes Blogging and Promoting Your Online Business As Easy As 1, 2, 3! Doing a market research, thinking of a good and appropriate topic, struggling through the writing process and trying and incorporating every marketing strategy to your online business can be a little stressful and frustrating. Well you want to gain more traffic to your website and convert them to sales so you have to really invest a good amount of hard work! At times you may think that even if it is working, you are probably spending too much time, for too little return – it’s fine, it’s all part of the challenge.Let’s make life easier, here I will tell you how you can market your business online, create effective blog articles and have fun!

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Imagine that your best friend called you on the phone or someone has just emailed you a question.Most likely you’ll respond freely, in a conversational mode, right? This is how you can ease the difficulties in writing your blog post and marketing your online business.Talking about the topic you are really interested about is fun, isn’t it? I mean we all talk to our friends, we bring up endless topics to open series of conversations, and you see that’s very spontaneous. This is how you should talk about your business or the topic of your blog or website. Clearly, it is easiest to write stuff in a more casual format. You have got to touch the subject and relay the content in the most relaxed pace.The same thing goes for forums and discussion groups, you will be able deliver more valuable tips and advice when you’re in a conversational mode. Everything comes out easy and smooth flowing. The trick is be spontaneous!Think of the persons you have recently talked to within your online business, address and write specifically to them when you create your blog posts. Start posting updates, sharing great tips, asking questions and engaging your readers to a real conversation. This is because simply publishing content and posting it around search engines will not build your name in your niche. You need to really maximize your followers’ attention and get them to be actively involved with your market.

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Forget about strategies and methods, forget about all the mechanical side for now! Your online business should be built around you and your website should aim to serve your market well. Get involved in your market and know what they’re talking about. Find out what they need or want, and how you can offer help. This will benefit you two things, work will come much easier and you can expect improved response rate from your market. Newbies guide to blogging for success focuses on connecting with and serving your market and really makes blogging and promoting your online business so much easier!

Online Marketing Has Changed The Business World

Online Marketing Has Changed The Business World[EXTRACT]
Just a few years ago, business was business and it was not acceptable to mix business and social activities. In 2011 online marketing has changed forever how businesses are run, where they are based and the different business ownership opportunities available to the general public. Social networks have turned small and corporate business principles on their head. Facebook, twitter, foursquare and blogs created a social network for pleasure but created a new online marketing revolution for home based business and corporate identities.Business is now a social affair, and with the increasing number of home based businesses creating personal branding opportunities, marketing is no longer just a call to action but a call to action to use a person for your supplies, product or consulting needs. Coke, Nissan, Kleenex and Windex are examples of old brands that have become household names. Through print marketing, PR, advertising campaigns and long term use, product brands are a thing of the past. Twitter and Facebook have put a face to brands and created a new wave of branding which is personal branding not product branding. Conversations are now about who is doing what not what is doing what. People are looking for the face and personality behind a service or product, are engaging with the person and making their decisions based on social marketing information and productivity through social media networks.

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It has taken a while for old businesses to find their place in social media online marketing. The rules have changed, attention spans are less, there are millions of messages and finding a strategy to poke through this ongoing conversation is hard to master. Slowly, corporations and businesses are changing their ways and opening up their business faults and letting it all hang out. There is not privacy, businesses have to be willing to be transparent, talk about the good and the bad and face the customer music when there is negative publicity, in the moment. This is very different to the old ‘no comment’ press answer or the ability of executives to hide in their offices and avoid the tough questions. Junior staff is getting the information first as social media specialists and are dealing with the responses well, align the company policies with a clever and thoughtful answer and are taking this customer feedback to the strategists to build better companies, more transparent companies and friendlier companies.As online marketing has changed, home based business operations have increased as people can now hang out a social media consulting sign and help companies from the comfort of their home deal with the speed and diversity of social networks. Business is computer focused and personal use of the social networks has enabled people to become savvy in online marketing strategies by reading, watching and participating. One famous online marketer spent 13 hours a day on twitter search and grew his business from half a million dollars a year to 30 million dollars a year just by talking to people online, building relationships, becoming an expert and building online trust. Today he is paid thousands of dollars to speak about his experience, relay his strategies to new businesses hoping to increase their presence online, focus on a different type of business ownership and gain more profits through customer trust and online reputations.So what is the key to online marketing success in your home based business? Talking, networking and engagement. Be seen, be found and deliver. Using social media networks takes a certain personality to build the trust of potential customers. Networking is now an online process and is done each and every day on Facebook and twitter. Learning online social norms is the key to building your presence, and developing your personal brand in new online markets. There is a 24/7 cocktail party out there on the internet and you need to find out who the influencers are, watch the conversation, join the conversation, add value and then sell products. The crowd is big, so it is like joining a party at the largest stadium and seeking out what you need. There are places to find smaller parties but the money and people are in with the crowds until they start breaking off into smaller more manageable networks.

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If you want to continue the luxury of business ownership, whether it be a bricks and mortar business or home based business, the first online marketing rule is, join the conversation. Don’t be left out of the new networking sphere. Chat, listen and watch what is going on so you can slowly join in and build a great home based business through the power of online marketing.

How To Talk To Anyone – A Book To Help Your MLM Success

How To Talk To Anyone – A Book To Help Your MLM Success[EXTRACT]
Do you often look at the people who seem to be able to talk to anyone and are so confident and wonder how do they do that? Do you feel that you are stilted in your conversation and hesitant in your phone calls? Just thinking of giving a presentation makes you dizzy? Well, the people who seem to have it all together in their conversation and their body language have found the secrets that you need to learn. This book will help you to learn those secrets and more to build your business and up your confidence.I suggest that you read the book ‘How To Talk To Anyone’ by Leil Lowndes if you would like to improve on your social skills. Knowing what to say and when to say it are just a few of the things that you can learn by reading this book. The cover states that you will receive 92 little tricks for big success in relationships. If you really want to get comfortable in dealing with people instead of reading it I suggest that you study it.This book suggests that you only have 10 seconds to show that you are a somebody. Your body posture, eyes and smile tell something to others before you can even open your mouth. In this book Leil Lowndes points out that there are different types of smiles we all have seen fake smiles and know the difference between the real ones and the fake ones. Next she talks about your eyes and how use them in your favor.

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When you meet someone new you want them to feel as though they are an old friend and there are techniques in the book to help you do just that. Remember that in a home based business you need trust and comfort to build a business so this is very important. Learn how to make small talk and how to have others gravitate to you and want to talk to you. How would you like to know just what to say to find out more about the person that you are talking to without them feeling like you are probing them with questions? It’s in the book.When you talk do you come across as being a positive person, the person that others want to be with and listen to? Those are other tactics that are taught in this book. What about listening to the person that you are conversing with? To make an other person feel special you need to pay attention to what they are saying no thinking about what you are going to say next. All of this is covered by reading this book.How are your phone skills? To talk on the phone with a prospective lead or client you need to handle your conversation with tact. When you are phoning anyone even a VIP you can be their equal if you know what to say and how to say it. Getting others to call you back is a big issue when you talk to leads learn how to get them to want to call you as soon as they can. Having an exciting or exceptional message if they don’t get a hold of you is also important. this book covers almost any area that you would need help in when it comes to build your home based business. Talking with anyone in any class will become easier if you know the tricks and are comfortable.

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Anyone who is building a MLM business would benefit from reading this book. I certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to advance their business and to learn new skills in dealing with other people either on a personal level or a business level. When you are building a home based business you need to use all the tools you can. If you come across new tools to help you,take advantage of them. This book will help you look and sound professional to the people that you already know and also to the new people that you are meeting. If you are taking advantage of both online and offline techniques to build your MLM business like the really successful people are then you should read this book to know what to say and how to say it. Make a great first impression with all the new people you meet through the social media online. Click the link below for access to more tools to help you succeed in your MLM business.

Business Talks For Your Clothing Retail Business

Business Talks For Your Clothing Retail Business[EXTRACT]
Unlike any other business, clothing retail business is much easier to start up with. You don’t need lots of money to put up this type of business. You can start by having a minimal capital and yet there is quite a high demand for these products. And just like any other business, it is not easy to gain money. You still need proper management, and business skills in order for you not to fail.In starting a clothing retail store, you need to be knowledgeable to be able to handle your business. Poor knowledge will not help you maintain this business. Experience will definitely help you all the way. If you know the ins and outs of the business, attended trainings and worked from other retail clothing business before starting your own, would definitely reward you in time.

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You should also know that putting up a business does not always mean that you need to start from nothing. You can have your clothing retail business through franchising and buying independent businesses. Opting to buy a franchise gives you advantages that you won’t have if you started your business from scratch. You can learn how they operate the business. The training, which they will provide will help you a lot to make the business grow. You can skip a lot of mistakes that inexperienced businessmen commit. Why? Your franchisor has already made some trial and errors through their daily operations and thus perfected it over time.If you intend to buy an existing business, it might require you larger amount of money for capital. What you are paying is actually almost everything – its location, inventory, staff and patrons. Buying an existing clothing retail business may have a greater capital but has a quicker return of your investment.In having a business, you must learn how to be creative. Most businesses take whatever is out there and develop the product with some more features. You need to adapt in every situation there is. Or you can customize your merchandise if a customer looks for something more specific. In that way, that would be your added service to your client and surely they will love that.

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You must take time on deciding how you would start your own clothing retail business whether through franchise, buying an existing business or from scratch. It is important to know these things or options first before you start to open your clothing business.