Facing Down the Challenges in Your Window Washing Business!

Facing Down the Challenges in Your Window Washing Business![EXTRACT]
I firmly believe that the window washing business has a tremendous amount of advantages over other businesses.I’ve been in a number of businesses as many of you probably have, and when making the comparisons between window washing and some
of the other lame businesses out there, you have to admit that window washing comes up smelling like roses.BUT…us window washers will still face challenges.And I’m not talking about the challenge of cleaning a window. Anybody can get a window clean with a little elbow grease and the proper tools.No, I’m referring to the ability to clean windows and market your business at the same time. This is the ultimate juggling act.If you stop marketing your business for any length of time, it’s only a matter of time before calls from interested prospects dry up, and consequently, so does your calender.I saw it happen very recently with a guy who had a good 3 weeks of window cleaning jobs lined up. He used every marketing
technique outlined in my manual How to Start Your Own Residential Window Washing Business. He lined up all kinds of jobs. But then he decided to focus his attention only to window cleaning, not to marketing. Oops.To make a long story short, after that 3 week spurt of business, he woke up one day to find no customers on his calender, so he essentially had to start over. Now of course, he’ll have those customers to come back to again and again on a repeat basis, but I’m talking about right now having gaps on the schedule which really shouldn’t be there.And it’s harder and more time consuming to start over then it is to just keep the gravy train rolling.Let me explain with a couple of stories.–Master motivator Zig Zigler talked about “starting over” in one of his speeches I heard recently. He used the analogy of one of those old fashioned Wells you may be familiar with.These types of Wells have big ‘ole handles you need to crank in order to draw water from the Well.When first wanting water, you have to really pump fast and furious. But once you have a constant stream of water coming out, then it just takes a little pressure on the pump handle to keep it going. The hard work was already done at the beginning. BUT…don’t stop. Because the water will go all the way to the
bottom if you do, and you’d have to start all over again with serious pumping action.

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–The people who I’ve helped get into the window washing business have heard me talk about when I was in the Insurance business. One of the things I used to do at the beginning of my insurance career was actually shut down my marketing efforts during Thanksgiving week and not crank it up again until after the last college football bowl game was played at the beginning of January.I just sat around for six or seven weeks or so getting fat on all the Holiday goodies, and alhough it was great just kicking back
on my little mini-vacation, come the beginning of January, I had to start all over again generating interest, making phone calls,
following up, setting appointments, etc.Which means that I didn’t see the fruits of January’s labor until March or so as far as having a full calender of appointments again and banking commissions.I mention the above couple of stories just to illustrate a point, and that is simply that we can’t back off or let up. Because if we do, we could find ourselves with some unwanted vacancies on our schedule. And this is especially true if you’re relatively new to the window cleaning biz.But that’s the challenge. Like the person above who had 3 weeks of window washing jobs. How in the world do you wash windows and
still market your biz?The short answer to this is that we need to learn to prioritize and incorporate effective time management principles.I know, I know. Pretty elementary stuff here, but it really is critical to master them.One of my most successful students is a guy that plans his entire day around a 2 hour marketing window where he’ll distribute flyers, coordinate a postcard campaign, talk to other service
businesses, talk to realtors, talk to property managers, talk to builders, visit commercial storefronts, or any number of other things on the marketing agenda.Time doesn’t permit everything above to be done within that two hour time frame obviously, but he’ll pick one, maybe two strategies he wants to use that day, and then do ’em.The 2 hours may be at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, or it may be one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he’ll take ACTION and expose his marketing message for 2 hours each day to prospects.Mike truly understands that we have no business without customers, so he sits down at night and jots down the next day’s marketing goals on a “to do” list. This is as basic as it gets, but hey…it works.And this is confirmed when he calls and we talk about the fact that prospects are calling (many times as we’re talking, we’ll be interrupted a couple of times by his phone ringing) and his calender is filled up with window washing jobs.By doing this, and committing to it on paper, the challenge of finding prospects is null and void. Like my ‘ole sales manager used to say, “if you talk to enough people, you’ve got to make sales”.In my case, I used to take one whole day and part of another to do what Mike does every day.I generally preferred to do my window washing estimating on Friday, and Friday morning was when my business breakfast was held where business owners got together and supported each other with leads and referrals.Since I figured I was already dressed up in nice company clothes (polo shirt/dockers) instead of my window washing work clothes,
I figured I may as well make that my main marketing day, so I mapped out a schedule on Thursday night of who to see and talk to
on Friday in addition to the estimates I was scheduled to do.That doesn’t mean I didn’t do any marketing during the week. Postcards were a big part of my biz, so if I was ready for a mailing, there was always time during the week to place a 5 minute phone call to my direct mail house and tell Dick to send
out a mailing to zone such and such.And Saturday morning was pretty much reserved for me to go out with 2 to 4 neighborhood kids and blanket subdivisions with flyers.As an example of what you could do, if you’re scheduling a job, schedule it at 10 or 11 and then head out at 9:00 to:–introduce yourself to 5 realtors and give them your business card.
–quickly drop off 25 flyers to commercial storefronts. In/out/next.
–visit 3 other service businesses to see if they would be interested in getting together to promote each of your businesses. (I know of one guy who formed his own leads type of organization since there were none in his town)And then the next day, jot down other things you can do, or repeat the above. At the end of the week, you’ll not only feel like you accomplished something, but more importantly, you’ll be creating tremendous awareness for your company, which of course, leads to more phone calls, more business, and more moolah in your pocket!

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The above is not hard, and when looked at daily, they’re just little things, but it’s the little things you do every single day
that will determine your ultimate success, not the one big thing that we might do every 2 or 3 weeks.Now the good news is that over time, we can all drastically decrease our marketing “to do” lists.The first two years of my business was hustle, bustle, hustle bustle. Every form of marketing that could be used was used. After about two years though, guess what? The pump was primed
hard enough during the early stages, I then just had to apply a tiny bit of continuous marketing (it never can stop completely), kick back, get the phone calls, fill up the calender, and
coordinate my window washing crews. All the fun stuff.Just remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. An initial burst of massive action is excellent because it generates immediate dollars and gets you entrenched into the biz, but mark-
eting needs to be sustained over time if you’re looking for long term success.Experts have said that once we do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. I don’t know about the 21 days part, but I do know if we do something long enough, it’ll simply become second nature to us.So…there are many challenging pieces to the window washing business. Prioritize the implementation of those pieces by creating yourself a simple “to do” list (Hint-place marketing at the top), incorporate time management into making that list work, and repeat on a regular basis.LatherRinseRepeatIf you do that, then the snowball of window washing customers that I refer to in my manual will gather up speed. And when that starts to happen, you may as well get out of the way because there ain’t nothing you can do to stop it. :o)To your window washing success,Steve256-546-2446

Build Your Online Marketing Business – Know Your Customer List and Needs

Build Your Online Marketing Business – Know Your Customer List and Needs[EXTRACT]
You’ve started your online marketing business. You have the customer list. You kept it because they have bought things from you in the past. However what have they bought from you lately? Do you know what they need? Do you know if the product they bought from you is meeting their current needs or are they looking for a better product to help them meet their current needs? The bottom line here – do you know your customer list well enough to know what they need and then supply them with a product that will meet those needs?Suffice it to say that not every customer on your list is going to need the same thing at the same time. As a result having more then one product to offer is always important. Let’s say that your customers are all online marketers and they became one of your customers because you had a product that would help them build their own list with the goal of eliminating the need to buy leads. For the sake of math, we will say that your list consists of 200 people. Everyone on that list can fall into one of four categories, healthy industry, weight loss, business solutions, and network marketing.

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To begin with, yes, they all wanted help to build their own list of customers. What do you have to offer each of those groups now? If you are still only marketing list building products you are missing a huge market that you already have. That market is your current customer list. Is there something else you can do to meet the real needs of your customers?Are you scratching your head and thinking, “Well, I don’t know?” Then it is time for you to get know your customer list. You have their names, their operating hours and all contact information including phone numbers and emails. Sit down and make a schedule. Prepare an email that you can send out to everyone on your customer list. In your email remind them of who you are, what they purchased from you and tell you wanted to see how the product was working for them. Ask if they still find the product useful or whether there is something else they are looking for.You should also plan on making a follow up phone call to that email. Taking the time to call them let’s the customer know that you are really interested in whether or not your online marketing product helped them and what they are looking for now to help them increase their business. Talking to them will actually get you more information then an email. When you ask them if there is something else that can help them and they say no, spend a few minutes talking to them about their business. See where they are at, how their business is going, see if there are any frustration points. Those frustration points are cues to you on what products you should be looking for to help them.Let’s say in a conversation that you are on the phone talking to a customer and they tell you your product helped them build a list, and that list helped them add 15 people to the company. No they really can’t think of another product that they would want right now. However while you are talking you find out that they have a “dead list” of about 200 people that told them “no” and the people they were able to bring on board where struggling to bring in more business. Two products should come into your mind immediately. One product to help your current customer monetize their list. A second product that will help train the 15 people they brought on board to build business.

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Get to know your customer list. Find out what they need. Stay in touch with them. Build a relationship with your online marketing customers so that when they do need something, you are the first place they turn. By knowing your customer list you can actually offer them products that they don’t yet even realize they need.To Your Online Marketing Success!