Mastermind Groups – A Simple Strategy for Building a Stronger, More Profitable Business

Mastermind Groups – A Simple Strategy for Building a Stronger, More Profitable Business[EXTRACT]
One of the most challenging parts of owning a business is growing it. In fact, many entrepreneurs get stuck because there is so much to learn and do. Today, more entrepreneurs are realizing the value of business alliances. It is important to have a good network as you move your company to the next phase. This article describes seven key benefits of connecting with your peers in a business mastermind group.Have someone to exchange business ideas. Creative ideas and witty inventions come naturally for many entrepreneurs. But knowing when to act on them is the part that can be overwhelming. Connecting with a mastermind group is one way to get feedback about new product or service ideas so that you can chart your next course of action.
Find solutions to business challenges. When you have big dreams for your business you may run into forks in the road. It’s in those times that you need a sounding board. Members of a mastermind can relate to business challenges because many have faced similar situations and can offer you sound advice.
Give your spouse a break from business talk. Anyone who is married knows that there are very few people who understand your urge to talk business. Daily conversations are often consumed with issues about running your company. It is difficult to transition from business to personal talk at home so having a peer group to talk things out helps keep business separate from personal life at home.
Support the dreams of others. It is wonderful to have a supportive network that can help stretch you beyond where you are currently. But it is also gratifying to give back to those who help you along the way. Sharing resources, tools, tips, and advice is how mastermind groups allow you to support your peers.
Learn about things from others experience. There is a lot to learn when you are an entrepreneur. New methods of doing things, resources to improve operations, and other helpful ideas are evolving at lightening speed. Joining a business alliance increases efficiency through the sharing of tips, tools, and resources among the group.
Have someone to be accountable to. Setting goals is a habit that leads to business success. Visionaries can see the finished line long before their team. As a result, it’s important to have someone who can hold you accountable for taking steps to get there.
Discipline. When you put your dreams on display you naturally feel a sense of responsibility for making them happen. Regular meetings with your group helps you stay focused on the tasks that you set so that you do not get sidetracked by the attractions that can detour you from your path.

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Now that you know the value of a mastermind, how can you implement this strategy to grow your business? To learn about more ways to build a thriving company, visit

Social Marketing for Small Business – It’s Not Magic

Social Marketing for Small Business – It’s Not Magic[EXTRACT]
There is no magic formula when it comes to social media marketing, no Harry Potter wand you can wave saying: Make me Money! (Apologies to Harry and crew.) But there are key ingredients to social media success that business owners will want to implement. We think of them as the three C’s, and without them, a social media campaign can be entirely forgettable.Content: Many business owners make posts about nothing but sales. Boring, boring, boring. People don’t log onto, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest simply to find sales. They log on to connect with you and learn why you believe in your business. Think of your business as a great story that needs to be told. Each post is another chapter in that book. People love a good read and they stay loyal to their favorite authors. So give them a reason to look for your posts by becoming one of their favorite authors. Write cool content, engage in the conversations that happen around that content and watch your social media presence expand.

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Creativity: Show, don’t sell, your products and services. But what to do if a product isn’t necessarily photogenic? Get creative in the ways you show it off. Are you in the dog poop baggie business? Then create a humorous video commercial or collection of photos to show people why your dog poop baggies are the best. Business owners who actively use creativity in their social media marketing are the ones people consistently talk about and engage with.Consistency: Social media is not just about relationship building, it’s about relationship sustainability. Say it with us: relationship sustainability. That’s in the box marked “Hot Button” for consumers. And the one big fail of many business owners is their inconsistent posting. A single post on Facebook followed by nothing else for several weeks is 100% guaranteed not to increase traffic to your social media pages, your website or your on-site store. 100% Guaranteed. Stop thinking of your audience like “wallets” who only want to spend money on sale items, instead, understand that these people are vital to the long-term success of your business. Talk to them on a regular basis and make the conversations relevant and interesting. Sustain those relationships. Don’t let them dwindle simply because there isn’t a sale to talk about. Hint: this is where Content and Creativity come into play.

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Social media marketing is not traditional advertising where the customer is told what to buy and when to buy it. No. This is a medium for reaching out to make sustainable relationships. And there are no magic wands or spells to make it work faster. It takes focus, planning and a little mental elbow grease. But business owners who implement the three C’s within a smart marketing plan find their social media presence increasing and brand recognition growing. And that is the path to long-term success.

How to Reduce Stress Through Changing Your “Busy” Talk

How to Reduce Stress Through Changing Your “Busy” Talk[EXTRACT]
“I am so busy”; “I don’t have time”; “I don’t take breaks”; “I am too busy to do that”; “I am too busy for self-care”; “There is no time for exercise”; “I wish I had time for that”; “My life is so full I barely have time to go to the bathroom”; “I can’t remember the last time I relaxed”; “I hardly sleep at night, my mind won’t stop racing”; “I am too busy to take holidays”…if you have ever heard yourself say something like this, you are not alone.The above statements are real life examples of comments that I have noted over the past month. It feels like we have a “language of busy” in our lives. This is worthy for us to pay attention to since how we think (speak) creates how we feel and in turn determines how we act. The think – feel – act continuum is a dynamic we can influence to our benefit. If I think that I am busy all the time, chances are I am going to feel overwhelmed, and act in a way that keeps me perpetually doing, racing, over-functioning, trying to catch up, whatever the case may be. This mindset leaves very little room for relaxing, replenishing and self-nurturing.

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Here are some tips for balancing the language of busy in our lives with the hope that this shift can open space and permission for greater peace and calm in daily life.Listen for your own “busy” language- changing any behaviour starts with increasing awareness. How often do you say “I am too busy”? What else do you notice in your own language? What story are you telling yourself about “being busy”?Take charge of your life – this is your life. If the pace, demand, “busyness” is controlling you and how you feel, it is an invitation to step into some alternatives. Perhaps you could experiment with a slower pace (even for an hour) or play with stillness in a new way (take a five minute “do nothing” break).Return to your breath – the simple and profound act of bringing attention and intention to your inhale and exhale helps you to arrive fully to this one moment. Try it now, inhale, pause, exhale. Again. What do you notice happens with this attention on your breathing?Challenge the busy habit – busyness in itself can become a habit. Everyone these days is busy. Like all habits, we often stop noticing the impact they are having on our lives, our feelings, our mood, our health. How is the habit of busy serving you in a positive way? How is it not serving you?

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Create a new language – “I enjoyed relaxing yesterday”, “I feel peaceful when we enjoy this quiet time together”, “This pace feels really manageable to me”; “I love the creativity that I have when I have time to think”, etc. What is a softer language you can use to tap into your calm self?Keep your heart in your busy – busy in itself is not a bad thing. In fact, if what we are busy with what flows from our heart’s desires, from our passions and from our true values – being busy with all the good stuff in our daily lives creates a life well lived. Ask yourself, “is my heart in my busy”?Our lives are a dynamic dance between pressures and places of ease. Let your language help you design the rhythm and pace of your life.