3 Ways That Maid Services Help Singapore Residents

Singapore residents with schedules that leave little time for cleaning often rely on area maid services. Companies like DomesticOne routinely provide qualified workers for regular or as-needed cleaning. They are especially in demand by busy families and those who are moving in or out of homes. Clients can even rely on them for skilled baby sitters.

Cleaning Services Help Busy Families

Singapore families that include two working parents and children need clean homes but have little time for the task. Single parents with demanding jobs struggle with the same issues. Many get help when they hire part-time maids from Domestic One. All cleaners are professionals with years of experience. In most cases clients get the same maids each time, which builds good working relationships and trust. Clients can schedule regular cleaning just when they need the extra help. All services are reasonably priced. During regular cleaning sessions maids clean bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. They empty trash, mop, vacuum, wipe down surfaces and dust. They will also iron, clean light fixtures and polish mirrors.

Maids Provide Renovation and Pre-Moving Cleanup

Maid services are also popular among Singapore residents who are moving or need cleaning help after remodeling projects. Most cleaning services provide regular packages for these occasions. During projects maids clean surfaces and lighting fixtures, remove kitchen grease and wipe down cabinet interiors. they even clean balconies. Cleaners ensure that appliances are spotless, inside and out. They use their own equipment and products, which ensures that surfaces and rooms are not only tidy, but sanitized.

Domestic Services Include Child Care

Clients can often hire carefully-screened baby sitters from the same companies that provide maids. For example, DomesticOne will send qualified child care providers on a regularly-scheduled or as-needed basis. Clients can request up to 3 replacement baby sitters within a one year period. Full-time and part-time services are provided at customers’ homes.

Busy Singapore residents often rely on local maid services to help keep homes healthy and neat. Companies that provide maids offer a variety of part-time and full-time cleaning services as well as child care. Their maid services are in especially high demand among busy families and those who need cleaning help after home renovations.

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