How to Hire for Your Small Business

How to Hire for Your Small Business[EXTRACT]
Hiring people to help you in your small business isn’t the same as hiring someone to be on your team in a large corporation. You need to think about how each person you bring into your business aligns with you and your business values.As a business coach, I get asked all the time, “Is there a quick way to know if I’m hiring the right person for my small business?”Here’s what I tell them: Don’t talk about the job at first. During the first interview, don’t talk much about the position. Talk a lot about your philosophy and culture, and how important it is to the success of your team. If the applicant seems bored or wants to “get on with it,” you’ll know she’s not for you.

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The ideal person will love to hear about how the company “ticks” and will be hanging on every word, and will be chomping at the bit to be part of it. She’ll be leaning forward with her eyes on you, not leaning back, looking around the room.Get into the nitty gritty with her, tell her about how you started the business, talk about the growth of the company – anything but the job at hand.Save the details of the job for later in the interview or even subsequent interviews. Pay attention to her interest in your company, not just in the job. This quick first impression of how interested she really is, as shown in her body language (which you’ll be able to “read” during phone interviews, too), will give you a very accurate gauge of how “right” she’ll be for you as time goes by.

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There’s more to interviewing, of course. But this one tip will prevent you from hiring someone who doesn’t match your business culture and having to let them go soon after because they “just didn’t fit in.”