Online Marketing Has Changed The Business World

Online Marketing Has Changed The Business World[EXTRACT]
Just a few years ago, business was business and it was not acceptable to mix business and social activities. In 2011 online marketing has changed forever how businesses are run, where they are based and the different business ownership opportunities available to the general public. Social networks have turned small and corporate business principles on their head. Facebook, twitter, foursquare and blogs created a social network for pleasure but created a new online marketing revolution for home based business and corporate identities.Business is now a social affair, and with the increasing number of home based businesses creating personal branding opportunities, marketing is no longer just a call to action but a call to action to use a person for your supplies, product or consulting needs. Coke, Nissan, Kleenex and Windex are examples of old brands that have become household names. Through print marketing, PR, advertising campaigns and long term use, product brands are a thing of the past. Twitter and Facebook have put a face to brands and created a new wave of branding which is personal branding not product branding. Conversations are now about who is doing what not what is doing what. People are looking for the face and personality behind a service or product, are engaging with the person and making their decisions based on social marketing information and productivity through social media networks.

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It has taken a while for old businesses to find their place in social media online marketing. The rules have changed, attention spans are less, there are millions of messages and finding a strategy to poke through this ongoing conversation is hard to master. Slowly, corporations and businesses are changing their ways and opening up their business faults and letting it all hang out. There is not privacy, businesses have to be willing to be transparent, talk about the good and the bad and face the customer music when there is negative publicity, in the moment. This is very different to the old ‘no comment’ press answer or the ability of executives to hide in their offices and avoid the tough questions. Junior staff is getting the information first as social media specialists and are dealing with the responses well, align the company policies with a clever and thoughtful answer and are taking this customer feedback to the strategists to build better companies, more transparent companies and friendlier companies.As online marketing has changed, home based business operations have increased as people can now hang out a social media consulting sign and help companies from the comfort of their home deal with the speed and diversity of social networks. Business is computer focused and personal use of the social networks has enabled people to become savvy in online marketing strategies by reading, watching and participating. One famous online marketer spent 13 hours a day on twitter search and grew his business from half a million dollars a year to 30 million dollars a year just by talking to people online, building relationships, becoming an expert and building online trust. Today he is paid thousands of dollars to speak about his experience, relay his strategies to new businesses hoping to increase their presence online, focus on a different type of business ownership and gain more profits through customer trust and online reputations.So what is the key to online marketing success in your home based business? Talking, networking and engagement. Be seen, be found and deliver. Using social media networks takes a certain personality to build the trust of potential customers. Networking is now an online process and is done each and every day on Facebook and twitter. Learning online social norms is the key to building your presence, and developing your personal brand in new online markets. There is a 24/7 cocktail party out there on the internet and you need to find out who the influencers are, watch the conversation, join the conversation, add value and then sell products. The crowd is big, so it is like joining a party at the largest stadium and seeking out what you need. There are places to find smaller parties but the money and people are in with the crowds until they start breaking off into smaller more manageable networks.

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If you want to continue the luxury of business ownership, whether it be a bricks and mortar business or home based business, the first online marketing rule is, join the conversation. Don’t be left out of the new networking sphere. Chat, listen and watch what is going on so you can slowly join in and build a great home based business through the power of online marketing.